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The phone rings 📞, a potential partner is calling. Your company has been spotted on Google, YES!
You answer the phone and schedule an appointment, because this is a good lead that you want to follow up on.
Let's Go!🚀 In September 2021, @ononpub knocked on our door with a drop in the number of organic sessions. We started working at the beginning of 2022, which means that the number of sessions in 2022 was already 50% higher than in 2021.
In the first 4 months of 2023, the percentage was higher again by 25% and the quality of the traffic has also increased. WIN WIN!
An increase in turnover and store visits (+189%), what more could you want just before Christmas🎄
How we provided the briefing and campaigns for Twelve Bali? You can now read that in the case.
Jasa Pembuatan Website di Lombok
digitalic.id underwent a total website metamorphosis. From clear navigation and optimal ease of use to a dazzling look and feel. Result: a kick-ass marketing machine!
How did we do this? You can read that in the case on comitechno.maeofficial.id

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