Website Analytics

Numbers and behavior: learn more about your website visitors and drive for better results.

Make it measurable & analyze it

A web analysis by the data fanatics at Afix gives you insight into, among other things:
  • What your visitors do on your website
  • How they get there
  • Which pages are visited the most
  • Where most interaction takes place
  • Which landing pages are and are not successful
  • Where is dropped out
Did you know that an analysis of your website always starts with the right data?
Data analysis toolkit
We ❤ tools that make our work easier. We gain insight with:

Google Analytics





Google studio data

No marketing based on gut feeling

Still nice, with a web analysis in the form of a clear report, you know which direction to go.

Start well prepared with online marketing. Or is it finally dawning on you why your campaigns in the past proved unsuccessful?

You know your target group better, so it's time to do something with it. You know which channels you will use.

And as for your website: it can certainly be improved. Your web analysis is the baseline for CRO: conversion rate optimization. Do I hear more turnover there?

Interpret data correctly

Let's get acquainted: what can we do for you? What tools are you using now? We set up the right tools and extract the best data.

Getting started with your website

Is your website just a sign or calling card? Does it look great, but is your website contributing little to your goals? It's time to act. Throw it at us!