Online Shop/E-commerce Development

A webshop that looks good and converts.

Look, watch and buy

You know how to attract the right people to your webshop. You have a good product and you offer the right content at the right time. You ensure that doubters convert, with smart tricks and thanks to the use of multiple marketing channels.

How wonderful would it be.

It's possible. We know. And we're going to help you. Starting at the beginning: a new webshop. Because that's most likely the reason you're here.

Send us your plans or your current shop. Then we put our marketing brain to work and give you tips on how to improve.

Webshop by Comitechno

You want an online store that is easily found. A platform that showcases your products at their best. That it has a stable foundation that is safe and fast and that you have free rein in creating and editing products.

Comitechno builds WooCommerce and Magento shop. Based on templates or from scratch. Because sometimes a tailor-made approach is required.

Safe and

Good luck with e-commerce

Everything depends on ambassadors: loyal fans of your brand who advertise for you on their own. Our challenge is to offer you a webshop that is correct in all facets. So you can work on that fan base.

How does it work? Before we can say anything about a target price or schedule, we will talk to you. We will ask you every question, so that we can map out all your wishes and requirements. We fill you with ideas and make you think about your product and target group.

Do we have a deal? Then you can leave the development to our developers and designers.

This is what you want, right? Reach out.

Improve current shop

Want to boost your e-commerce? You do this buy optimizing your webshop based on the behavior of your visitors.

At the top of Google

At the top of Google with your product? we will arrange that. Discover everything about search engine advertising.