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Our smartphones, we wake up with them and go to bed with them. They are true mini billboards. As an advertiser, make good use of this. But how do you stand out among the best hookers, most beautiful videos, funniest content and moving stories?

In addition to content, it is all about the right targeting and frequency. Thanks to millions of daily users on LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and YouTube, you can use these channels smartly and create valuable contact moments with your target group.

Afix takes this work off your hands. Not only do our social media specialists play the channels every day, with our flying hours in social campaigns we know what works and what doesn't. Setting up a social campaign is not rocket science, but making it profitable is. Challenge us.

Facebook advertising

Facebook is the meeting place for all generations. From Gen Z to Baby Boomers, you'll find them all here! The perfect channel to put your brand more firmly on the map. Do you go for more reach to stand out or do you opt for more traffic to attract curious monkeys to your website? With various targeting options, the choice is enormous!

Go for more impact, greater reach, and an edge over your competition.

This is what you can expect

From idea to success

Remarketing on social media

The chance that someone will convert after seeing one ad is very small. Social media marketing is a form of push marketing, where awareness must first be created. That is why we do not underestimate the power of remarketing. This way you stay top of mind with your target group – and of course not in an irritating way.

It is the power of repetition that ultimately ensures that someone can no longer ignore your brand.

Business advertising on LinkedIn

Is it difficult to reach a business target group? Certainly not. With an effective LinkedIn campaign you target your target group and convince them to take a desired action.

LinkedIn is perfect for specifically targeting people in certain positions and certain industries. Ideal for attracting new colleagues or promoting your company to business partners.

Instagram advertising

Instagram is the place where generations come together, with 7 million active Dutch people. More brand awareness or traffic? Advertising on Instagram can help you with this. Get noticed by your target group through powerful snapshots. Our experts find the key to instant success.

With Instagram advertising you can reach your target group very specifically through the many targeting options and the right content.
Our way of to work

No nonsense and quick results. We don't build castles in the air.

One permanent contact person specialized in social media advertising.

We determine clear objectives and KPIs

You will receive a monthly report with achieved results.

To have questions is to get answers.

We love our work. And you see that again.

Become an Comitechno social partner

We are your remote colleagues. We think along, advise, help, take work off your hands and are a bit stubborn. Everything with the aim that you achieve the best possible results. It is not without reason that we have been passionate social media marketers for years.

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