Digital Marketing

Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

Quickly visible at the top of Google search results? It is possible with search engine advertising.

Make sure you advertise smartly in Google

We all want that at the top of that search engine. Is it simple? Not always. Your competitors are fighting for the same spot, and moreover: what are Google's rules? How do you manage your budget wisely? That's where we come in.

Our SEA specialists do not shoot with buckshot, but advertise specifically. They know the secrets of Google (and other search engines) and are working towards that point on the horizon: a profitable campaign. Curious how search engine marketing works for you? We are happy to help you on your way.

Advertising in Google? 5 reasons

  • Instantly increase your visibility.
  • Advertising formats that suit your company.
  • Respond directly to the search intent of your target group.
  • Take control of profitable campaigns.
  • Gain insight into converting search terms.
Why would you give the responsibility of a good SEA campaign to an agency and not do it yourself?

What can you expect?

Our working method when it comes to search engine advertising takes you through our six-step process.

SEA specialists at Comitechno

At Comitechno we do not manage based on gut feeling, but on the basis of data. We don't promise you mountains of gold. What do we promise? A collaboration with ambitious specialists who know which buttons to push.

Our approach is down to earth and we always look beyond the question. For example, we also provide advice regarding your website or SEO. Being successful with SEA extends beyond your campaigns alone.
We make it difference

Clear language and result-oriented.

Always one specialist as a point of contact.

Monthly reposrting with results.

To have questions is to get answers.

We go for A-quality. And you see that again,

Weekly optimizations.

Receive new campaign ideas.

Get started with Google Ads

Google Ads for your company? Spend an hour talking to us and find out our approach for you. Booked in no time!

Improve campaigns?

Are you already advertising in Google, but the campaigns are not delivering the desired results? Let us take a look – without obligation.