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Remarketing – RLSA, Display and Social Media

Remarketing. Re-approaching your (potential) customer. Irritating? You can prevent that.

Become a conversion cannon

Okay. On average, only 2% convert on a first visit. 2%! That is nothing. You approach the other 98% again via Remarketing . The target? Conversion, conversion, conversion.
The power of remarketing
Remarketing: only spend your online marketing budget on an interested audience.

increase conversion rate.

Let those who drop out join in.

Relevant advertisements.

Available via multiple channels.

Effectiveness: spend budget well

RLSA: Remarketing in Google

Do you advertise in Google? Then with Remarketing Lists Search Ads (RLSA) you can show customized ads to people who have already visited your website and are willing to convert.

Convince shopping cart abandoners or dropouts in this way.

Striking remarketing on Facebook & Instagram

Social media is generally consumed fleetingly. How do you stand out? How do you ensure that your brand is considered for your next purchase or decision? Remarketing does the trick, we know how.

Remarketing banners via Google Display Network

You know them, the banners you see on websites like Everywhere you move on the internet, banners follow you. We do that too, but we don't go through with it. Repetition has power, excessive repetition does not.

Remarketing via the Google Display Network is one of the most used methods. Did you also know that we can apply remarketing across multiple devices? That is cross device remarketing .

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