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Direct marketing, but our way. Still one of the most used marketing channels to attract customers.

We hear you thinking: 'Go away with your spam'

Beats. When email marketing is handled incorrectly, it feels like spam. Recruiting new customers, cross-selling, sharing information or retaining customers through email marketing only works if it is personalized .

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Get started with MailChimp
Afix works with MailChimp . Handy, because in this way we make your message personal, responsive, measurable and automated.

Personal Newsletter

Responsive templates

Automated e-mailings

Measurable results

Corporate identity template

Email marketing. By Comitechno

What we can do for you:
  • Template . You have your own corporate identity, so does your email. We make it for you!
  • Contacts . We import, label and segment all customers.
  • Marketing Automation . We build different, automated roadmaps for different types of customers. Consider the following example: a customer who does not complete his payment receives an email.
  • No cut-and-dried emails that are immediately thrown away.
  • Training , advice and support . With full MailChimp support, we deliver the whole package, providing advice and MailChimp training.

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What do you want? Online success with email marketing. How do you do that? Comitechno is your partner.